Battery Shredders utilize a low-speed, high torque, dual shaft or quad shaft shredder as the primary shredder before further processing. Li-ion batteries, as well as others, contain cobalt, nickel, copper, and assorted precious metals that can be recycled and reused if separated.

Battery Shredders incorporate a constant water bath for fire prevention along with a secondary, chemical-based fire suppression solution. Most batteries need to be discharged before being recycled.

Battery Shredders can benefit from the addition of conveyors, screens, separation equipment, and washing stations. Physical processes usually include pretreatment and direct recovery of electrode materials.

Battery Shredders & shredding systems are specifically engineered for your application, whether you’re recycling electric-vehicle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, absolyte batteries, alkaline batteries, or lead-acid batteries, to name a few.