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Industrial Recycling Equipment Made in the USA

Amos Mfg., Inc., headquartered in Alpena, MI, is a leading US manufacturer renowned for its industrial shredding and separation equipment. With a history spanning over 40 years, our company has carved out a significant presence and is known for delivering equipment that meets the diverse demands of various industries. Our commitment to quality has cemented our reputation as a reliable OEM provider.

Comprehensive Recycling Solutions: Equipment, Service, and Customization

Nationwide Service

Expert technicians provide installation and maintenance across the country, keeping equipment efficient and reducing downtime.

Superior Equipment

Durable, high-performance industrial recycling machines made in Northern Michigan, ensuring reliability for critical operations.

Custom Recycling Solutions

Tailored equipment for diverse recycling processes, enhancing efficiency and profitability with our global expertise.

Industry Spotlight

Battery Recycling Article Featured Images

Amos Manufacturing part of battery recycling technology effort

Amos Mfg. Inc. from Alpena, Michigan, and Texas-based Gloyd Recycling Solutions LLC (GRS) have developed the Battery-In-Device-Shredder system (BIDS23) to enhance safety in recycling electronic devices by automatically processing batteries. This system, which was co-developed with Canada’s Archimedes Industry Advisory and Investments, aims to prevent thermal incidents that can lead to fires in warehouse settings. BIDS23 features a compact design with advanced technology to integrate seamlessly into existing operations while addressing environmental and safety standards.