Our shredders provide a range of
single, dual, and quad shaft
capabilities for use in the recycling
and e-waste industries.

US manufacturer of industrial shredding and seperation
equipment with over 40 years of experience.


Shredders reduce the size of products such as plastic, paper, textiles, wood, tires and other products for re-purposing, separating and de-composing as part of the recycling process. Amos Mfg., Inc. offers a range of single, dual, and quad shaft shredders for use in the recycling industry.


Shredders for the e-waste industry shred electronic components and electronic storage devices to specific particle size for further processing, sorting, or reclaiming. Amos Mfg., Inc. e-waste shredders easily shred a wide range of materials to a desired size.


Quality Shredders

Amos shredders have been carefully engineered for the toughest applications. Shredders are designed to handle the challenge of high volume shredding systems.


Electrical Support

Amos shredders and systems are built with operator friendly controls and backed by a factory service team that will help keep the system running. UL and CSA compliant control panels are also available.


On Site Service

Factory technicians and local service representatives are available to provide expert support for each customer. From start-up to routine maintenance, our team is here to support your operation.



Amos does not believe in one size fits all. While standard models are available that meet many application and customer requirements, there are also special situations where custom design is required. The Amos design team is up to the challenge to meet your specific needs.