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Auger Compactors

Auger Compactors 
offer a much higher compaction ratio than traditional hydraulic ram compactors. They increase container capacity by 50-80% depending on the material being processed. Auger compactors require less maintenance while providing little-to-no material springback, resulting in maximum compaction.

Auger Compactors, also called screw compactors, reduce the size and volume of materials which translates into lower storage and transportation costs. They are an ideal solution for bulk waste applications that include cardboard, furniture, crates, pallets, and solid waste.

Auger Compactors are designed for compacting large volumes of dense waste material in a continuous stream. These industrial grade compactors are able to process large bulky items without bridging because the material is broken down and compacted at the same time.

Auger Compactors can be integrated into existing shredding systems or incorporated in their design from the start. We offer complete shredding system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and after-sale service.

Auger Compactor
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  • One Gearbox
  • Electric Drive
  • No Hydraulics
  • Less Maintenance
  • One Main Bearing
  • Continuous Operation
  • Tapered Auger Design
  • Maximum Compaction
  • Little-to-No Springback
  • Increased Compaction Rates