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Triple Shaft Shredders

Triple Shaft Shredders are low-speed, high torque industrial shredders that result in lower heat and dust generation than high-speed, low torque shredders.

Triple Shaft Shredders are often used for cardboard boxes, folding carton stock, and corrugated cores.

Triple Shaft Shredders utilize three shafts that counter-rotate at varying speeds that provide a pierce and tear action. They are ideal for applications that require a consistent particle size.

Triple Shaft Shredders offer a selection of cutter configurations to process material, while avoiding jams, to offer high continuous throughput. They include a heavy-duty paddle wheel to crush bulky materials prior to shredding.

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Triple Shaft Shredder Users

  • Retailers
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturers
  • Packaging Plants
  • Casinos & Hotels
  • Distribution Centers
  • Schools & Universities
  • Correctional Facilities

Triple Shaft Shredder Features

  • Auto shaft reversal
  • Custom in-feed hoppers
  • Stand & floor models are available
  • Heavy-duty paddle wheel crushers
  • Auto reversing PLC driven controls
  • Cutter configurations are application-specific
  • Built to order for a seamless fit in your system
  • UL/CSA rated panels are available