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Quad Shaft Shredders

Quad Shaft Shredders utilize four shafts that counterrotate, making them ideal for applications that require a uniform particle size.

Quad Shaft Shredders utilize a sizing screen to keep circulating the material until it reaches the desired particle size.

Quad Shaft Shredders include hex shafts for durability and hard-faced alloy cutters in a variety of profiles.

Quad Shaft Shredders can easily be integrated with ancillary equipment to create complete four-shaft shredding systems for efficient waste reduction or separation.

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Quad Shaft Shredder Features

  • Drive: Electric
  • Cutter Material: 4140
  • Inline Planetary Gearbox
  • Overfeed Protection Included
  • Overload Protection Included
  • Contoured screens ensure a uniform particle size
  • Low-speed, high torque design cab handle tough, bulky materials
  • Lower heat and dust generation than high-speed shredders
  • Removable screens ranging from ½” to 6″ diameter
  • Primary and secondary shredding capabilities

Quad Shaft Shredder Specifications

SPEC QS-30 QS-100 QS-250
Horsepower 20 – 40 HP 80 – 120 HP 250 – 400 HP
Cutter Width 1.5″ W 2″ W 2″ W
Cutter Diameter 9″ 12″ 21″
Shaft Diameter 4-1/8″ 5-5/8″ 7-7/8″
Cutting Chamber 30″ W x 36″ L 38″ W x 38″ L 67″ W x 67″ L
Weight 4,500 Lbs. 14,000 Lbs. 50,000 Lbs.

Quad Shaft Shredding System Design

Quad Shaft Shredding Systems are custom built according to each application’s requirements. Everything from the horsepower to the cutter profile, from the shaft diameter to the cutting chamber size, is engineered to provide the required throughput. Contact an AMOS sales engineer for more information and sizing assistance for your four shaft shredders.