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Eddy Current Separators

Eddy Current Separators use a magnetic rotor with alternating polarity, spinning rapidly inside a non-metallic drum that is driven by a conveyor belt.

Eddy Current Separators work by utilizing high-strength magnetic forces to repel and eject non-ferrous metals.

Eddy Current Separators are applied to conveyor belts carrying mixed waste. Eddy current rotors are at the end so that non-ferrous metals caught in the eddy current end up in product bins, while other materials fall off the belt due to gravity.

Non-ferrous metals typically separated by Eddy Current Separators include aluminum, copper, and die-cast metals.

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Eddy Current Separator Integration

Eddy Current Separators can be integrated into existing shredding systems or incorporated into their design. We offer complete shredding system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and after-sale service. Contact an AMOS sales engineer for more information and assistance with your metal separation requirements.