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Gaylord Box Dumpers

Gaylord Box Dumpers will lift and empty Gaylord boxes to increase efficiency & reduce operator fatigue. They require 3-phase power and the frame is constructed of reinforced formed steel that includes a retaining bar that adjusts from 24″ to 48″ high.

Gaylord Box Dumpers were engineered to allow easy access to the hydraulic and electrical components. They must be lagged to the floor and require a 130″ or 150″ ceiling clearance, for discharge heights of 48″ and 60″ respectively.

Gaylord Box Dumpers have a lift time of 30 – 33 seconds, with a 45-second gravity down. The standard drum is 52″ wide x 48″ deep but an extra-wide 60″ drum is also available.

Gaylord Box Dumpers have bearings at all pivot points. Options include gated enclosures, auto-run control packages, increased weight capacities, and stainless steel and/or washdown construction and components.

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Gaylord Box Dumper Integration

Gaylord Box Dumpers can be integrated into existing shredding systems or into their design. We offer complete shredding system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, and after-sale service. Contact an AMOS sales engineer for more information and assistance with your material handling requirements.