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Benefits of Automating Size Reduction in the Metal Recycling Industry

Transforming large scrap metal sheets and materials into a manageable size for further processing requires smart shredding solutions. Discover how Amos Mfg., Inc.’s metal reduction technology optimizes the recycling process.

Automating your metal recycling process begins with the addition of a shredder. Industrial shredders reduce worker risks associated with manual handling, feeding, and cutting of large metal sheets, further automating your production line. Amos Mfg., Inc. offers a full range of shredders featuring the 125 HP Dual Shaft Shredder.

The 125 HP Dual Shaft Shredder features a low-speed, high torque cutter design that mitigates spark generation, lowers power requirements, and shreds metal with ease and efficiency for further processing and safe handling. Reducing the particle size also allows for an increase in the density of scrap material per dumpster, cutting costs associated with otherwise frequent and premature waste transportation.

Discover how this space-efficient, yet robust shredder provided a safe, custom solution for a customer in the scrap metal recycling industry! Click below to view the Recycling Inside article.

Amos offers shredders from 1 HP to 400 HP and beyond, with a wide selection of industrial shredders, custom-built based on the requirements of the application. Each solution is tailored to accommodate the feeding, shredding and conveyance of material. If there is a need for a complete solution, Amos can provide the additional auxiliary equipment to support a complete turnkey solution.

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