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When waste reduction is a mission, not just a motto!

AMOS Mfg., Inc. announces the Dual Shaft or Two-Shaft Shredder ideal for a variety of product destruction and primary size-reduction applications. These shredders are used in a wide range of applications. Often solely for size reduction or as a pre-shred for further processing and sortation. Applications include destruction of automotive parts, counterfeit goods, Electronic-waste, product destruction, medical waste, tire recycling, fiber recovery, brass shredding as well as numerous others.

Dual Shaft Shredders offer many benefits and safety features. The low-speed, high torque design is ideal for processing tough to shred and bulky materials. Features include jam detection, auto shaft reversal, auto-feed metering, ram assist hoppers, bearing protection, and more! Multiple cutter profiles and configurations are also available to maximize the efficiency of each application. Learn more about our 2 and 4 shaft shredders or contact us for a custom shredding solution today.

Here is a demo video to see it SHRED!

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